Honestly is it possible to be friends with an ex? If so, how?

I only know one friend who has managed to stay long term good friends with her ex boyfriend from a serious relationship. I know it's not possible for everyone but if you have done this please advise! Or if you have some general guidelines on what requirements there are to accomplish such a task. My ex really wants to be friends and sometimes I think it can work and sometimes seems impossible. We were in a serious committed relationship for over 6 years but amicably decided to part ways because of mutual reasons. We get along for the most part but he knows exactly how to get under my skin (obviously) and we get in arguments about the way things should be now as friends. We have been broken up for over a year.


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  • I am currently best friends with my ex. we only went out for the shortest time and i can't remember why we broke lol. We joke about it all the time. Another ex of mine we used to be very very close. Like brother and sister close. I am not currently friends with her now due to she wanting me to date girls like her and her twin sister. And said i was a man whore and 2 face etc . Those have been the only times i have been friends with a ex gf. With your situation i would say no, you guys have been together for 6 years and if he gets under your skin you need to come clean with him.

    In the end i would say no... for YOUR situation it more likely wouldn't work out.

    • I just had to ask, she wants you to date girls LIKE her and her twin sister? Dont you see that as a signal that she wants you to want her, go after her, and have her sister involved? That's how I took it at first. Anyway carry on xD

    • lol yes i understood that 100%. I honestly was dont with dating (at that time) due being used by an ex. (long story), and also she called me a man whore, 2 face, and a "bad boy wanna be". Her reasons for why she was calling me that made no sense
      Her sister was pretty much trying to fu*k me kinda glad i didn't go for for couple reasons, she was very thin, i would probably break her. And not that pretty. She was into satanic stuff so i honestly didn't want some demon possessing me lol

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  • Im friends with my ex but we were together 6 years.

    • How did you guys transition to just being friends?

    • Well we didn't talk for 8 months and started seeing other people. Then when both of those didn't work out for us, we just started talking again. We are very close now, best friends for sure. In terms of being back with him though, no I dont think that will ever happen.

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