is my ex bf stalking me? ps - my whole story isn't fitting?

I know im not over thinking stuff but me & my ex dated 2 years ago. we only went on 5 dates but i know apparently he was in love with me & i really loved him too so much & cared. We didn't work out it was long distance relationship but everytime i tried to get back with him he would play games & never took me seriously. He would ignore me, make me feel dead & he knew he hurt me but kept doing it again, he would say sorry but break his promise. i wouldn't hear from him for 3 mths first then he will come back for abit then be gone for another 4 mths. when i was depressed, hurt he would act happy & distant, ignore me, make me feel like im not worth it & rub other girls in my face. I never ignored him before i was always respectful so he did it first. He played mind games. Also on fb he would disrespect women calling them bitches/hoes i knew he meant me as well. He never really thanked me for anything i did for him & just lied.

So when i had enough & was really done with his bs, manipulations he would beg me several times to take him back. i almost did but my parents, friends were all pissed off & told me not too. it can get worse & he sounds abusive. I knew they were right for once because i had a bad feeling he would hurt me again & break promises so i decided not too. He even said how he would meet my parents & talk to him. Then he would look for other girls & if they dont work out he thinks he has control of me still. so when i told him we both tried to work it out but its not working, no matter how hard it is we need to move on. he started to creep me out. this was last year in April & he said if he lost me he would do something crazy go to jail, hospital, etc. he would get into fights with guys & show pics of his bloody fists on fb to show off.

i lost all my trust in him. what i noticed is he got his 2 friends to keep talking to me, harassing me, seeing whats new? if they feel i have a new crush on a guy & am happy they keep msging me.
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So for 1 year & half he got his buds to message me. they would never give me space to come to them if i wanted to talk first, it was always them. so 10x the friend will message me first without me saying anything then i ignored them
still they kept going at it no matter how much i ignored them. i left them hints that i was creeped out & felt harrassed. the guy was acting he was my friend but he was getting info from me to pass on. he never mentioned my ex bf. it was secret.


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  • You said that you "know" that he was apparently in love with you. Then you write on and on about attitudes and actions that show he did NOT love you. NOTHING you said indicates any love from him. It appears at times he is interested in controlling you, perhaps "owning" you, but not loving you.
    I did not see anything in your post about sex, but it sounds like he was getting that from you and that was likely all he was after.
    Completely break with him and his friends.

    • thanks. i know when you love someone you dont hurt them. actually i never had sex with him & im a virgin still. so lucky for me. i did block him finally on fb 2 weeks ago im sure he's pissed off but ill let god handle him. i think he tries calling me still every few days, from different numbers. i told the friend, i know my ex is getting him to message me. he won't admit it. next day i get a like on my pic & a message with a crying face from him. he didn't do that for a year. so they're caught

    • Thank you for MH. :-)

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  • Girl, I don't see why you give this guy so much attention. He sounds like such an unbelievable jerk. I'm surprised you dealt with most of his nonsense. If I were you, I would just ignore him. And if his friends send you messages, you don't have to answer them. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Its time to stop putting a victim title on yourself and take some responsibility. Meaning, you don't have to keep speaking to this guy. You dont have to deal with him AT ALL. So leave him in the dust! Good luck.

    • thank you. i know & i need to stop having doubts feeling sorry for him. i guess its better i got out now because it would get worse. he kind of sounds like those people from investigation discovery channel lol. I thought he was a very nice person at first.

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