Saw this text from my girlfriend to her ex?

I know it's not ok to snoop through her phone but I did. I was suspicious how she was acting. I know they have been texting back and forth but didn't know the contents. This is one texting conversation I found-

Her: Please know that I never stopped loving you and never will.
Him: I feel the same.
Her: I know. We F'd up.
Him: We did. It is hard.
Her: I know. But we will be ok at some time.

Been dating her for a year and a half. They are in contact 3 or 4 times a week. What do you think?
by the way - she broke up with him.


Most Helpful Girl

  • She may just feel bad for leaving him but doesn't want him back in any way. I left a guy I was engaged with to be with the the man of my dreams. I've felt bad about it just because he did nothing wrong, treated me wonderfully and I hurt him. I've stayed in contact at times just out of guilt. however I've not said anything about loving him.


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What Girls Said 2

  • One of the most worst things that she could ever do to you. If she's not happy with who she's with, then fucking leave them. There is not a use staying around when she does not even feel the same way anymore.

  • break up wit her, you can't be with someone who loves somebody else (no one can)


What Guys Said 2

  • The real question is if you and her weren't together would she go back to him after breaking up before? If not then I think your ok, if so then I think your not.

  • I'll have to go with the other two answers. I think if she broke up with him to be with you and she wanted to be with him, she'd would break up with you and go back to him.


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