Do cheaters justify their behaviors mentally?

I was cheated multiple times on in high school by the same girl and she denied it. She was hanging out with exes constantly. One she was getting drunk and stoned with constantly and the other ex she snuck into her room late at night (she tells me this and when we were together it was obvious the guy just wanted sex). Her reasoning was insane too. She'd say "I wouldn't sleep with him! His dick's too big!" The other drugged ex she criticized for being "too small." What gives?


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  • Yes cheaters lie and justify their behavior. They want to cheat, they're going to say any crazy thing they can think of to do whatever they want, with whomever they want.

    That is why, if you take a cheater back, you are simply giving them the green light to keep cheating.


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  • Yes, there are "cheating cheetahs" out there who will justify their cheating ways with lame excuses, as to still have their cake and eat it too with you. Don't buy it, don't trust them. xx

    • There's no excuse for cheating. Ever. Anyone who has ever cheated should not be trusted.

    • I agree... I for one agree with this.. But I also feel if you do find the right one, no one has to cheat, or EVER cheat again..

  • Only some , I didn't justify my cheating by substance abuse. I just did it out of spite and as a desire to run as far away from him as possible

    • but spite is justification, really. There had to be some reason you decided to cheat instead of simply break up. It may be "good" justification, I don't know the details - but it is justification.

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  • any time someone decides to do something they know they shouldn't be doing of course they make up some reverse justification for it. This applies to cheaters just as much as it does to bankers, thieves, murderers, rapists, corporate executives, politicians, conservatives, liberals, you, and me.

    The only way to escape the reverse justification process is to not do the things you shouldn't do. Of course, you'll need to figure out what that is first. Unfortunately, there are no universal code for that. Yes, there are religions and laws, but those are often flawed in many ways.

    I find the best 'code' to live by is to bring no harm to others. Anything that doesn't harm others requires no justification. There are situations where harming others may be justified, but I prefer to stay out of it if I can, and "just say no" if I can't.


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