Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife? Why?

Have any of you ever cheated on a partner? What was your reasoning? And I mean the TRUE reason you cheated. I know some people feel guilty and use a different excuse to avoid feeling too ashamed.

I've read conflicting researches about whether men or women cheat more. And I'm also curious about the differences between why men and women cheat.
It appears people are afraid to answer this question lol. I know there are cheaters out there. You can't even answer anonymously?


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  • Actually, a few of us answered this question just a few weeks ago. However, I don't mind telling my story and---the truth---as One who has played this game in the past.
    I married a man who found me on Facebook three years ago. He was from Egypt, and had fallen in love with me, and had asked me to come and stay for awhile to meet up with him and his family. I went for 30 days, and it had went so well, I returned three months later, where we had tied the knot in Cairo. three months later, I returned to the states, but with a sour ball in my mouth. Over the course of time I had been living with him (we had our own domain in the family house), we had encountered a lot of problems, and between him and the family, things were bad, and not the same as they had been when I had gotten off the plane a few months before.
    Long story short, he found me again when I had returned, and I had decided to give our long distance love a try. I wasn't ready to live with him as of yet, and sadly, trying to get him over here, was a big pain in my butt.
    Months down the line, a Coptic Christian had found me on a dating site that I belonged to. We hit it off instantly, and suddenly I have a Coptic Christian from Egypt, living near me, and an Egyptian Muslim who I was married to, Living over there My life was very chaotic for over a year thence on. It was a roller coaster ride with two men, both Egyptians, but living in separate worlds, in love with the same American princess. I was so confused. I was either breaking up with one, then the other, or thinking Now this is what God wants, and it was just a never ending love triangle, with no stop in site.
    Finally, after the holidays this year, my decision was made for me. My Christian fiance won me over. And I had asked my Muslim man for a divorce. I decided, although in denial for two years now, that if I had not listened to my omen of returning to him and the family, things would never change, and neither would they. xx

    • Ok, I have questions lol. I've been in a long distance relationship and I know it can be rough. But if you were married, why were you on a dating site? And why wouldn't you brush off any advances a man towards you while you were married, instead of pursuing him?

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    • Is that really an excuse*

    • I am honest, mot using It as an excuse.. I could have returned to Egypt to live with him and them out there, but I had a dream one nite, a bad omen, and it tol dmne things would never change, just get worse.. other than that, I had No real reason to have a roving eye.. I loved him enough to marry him, but I had also married his family too, and it got very bad..

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  • I never cheating but a man cheating on his woman for me (before people begin to scream at me, he lied about everything and told me he was single). When I found out, I obviously stopped it all but I asked him why he would do such thing. It turned out, she wasn't the big love of his life. He got with his wife after he broke with "the one" so he never truly loved her, he probably though he just had to get married somehow... He worked a lot so didn't really have time to spend with her and I guess he didn't really try to spend time with her. He was not that attracted to her and they didn't have sex a lot.
    Honestly, when he explained to me everything, I just though he was looking for excuses. It's his problem if he's not that in love with his wife, sure now he has a kid but he's the one who rush into things because it was convenient. I feel like once you're committed you have to respect it. He was preventing to be the victim but was lying to himself.

    • I'm glad you you stopped it when you found out. I can't think of a single circumstance that would make cheating ok.

    • Neither do I, I was really pissed off when he told me.

  • No I would never do that because I wouldn't want it done to me

  • Yes but he deserved it for being an asshole

    • What did he do? Did he cheat on you first? Physically harm you?

    • He was just a dick and he constantly accused me of cheating !

  • I dated a guy for two years and he was the most possessive and controlling guy that I have ever met. He became physically aggressive at one point. He would drive by my house to make sure I was home and he would always go through my phone and Facebook messages. I tried to break up with him more times than I count and he would get physical or cry and tell me I was never going to leave him or he would kill himself. I started to drink A LOT as a means of escape and because he told me I wasn't allowed to drink. One night I was with some friends and I hooked up with a guy. Even after everything he put me through I felt so guilty and I told him the next morning. He STILL wouldn't let me break up with him!!!

    Eventually I had to dump him on my porch and then run into my house and lock all the doors. He badgered me for weeks but eventually stopped. This was almost 5 years ago now. I am not a cheater, I can assure you. Even if people are going to think that of me because of something that happened when I was 18 and dumb and in a miserable relationship. I swear could never do that to anyone again and it still makes me sick when I think of it... Regardless of how he treated me, nobody deserves that.


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  • I haven't cheated on my gf and I never intend on it just because I love her that much

    • But then again I'm still young I'm sure you are going to say

    • No. Good job. I hope you keep that frame of mind as you get older.

    • I intend on marring her anyways so yeah I am pretty sure I'm going to keep that frame of mind especially since no one can compare to her in my mind

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