Leaving a cheating girlfriend and her kids when she is in a bit of a pickle, yes or no?

I been with my girl for 2 years now, she has 2 kids aged 7 from her previous relationship.

I posted this question on this www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q955844-suspicion-girlfriend-attempted-to-cheat-with-a-guy-she-met-off

After some thinking about it, I decided that I should leave her as she had attempted to cheat.

I haven't told her I want to leave her as a few developments has surfaced.

Firstly, we are renting a house, we share half the rent, I pay 80% of all bills. I don't find this an issue. Also everything is in her name, I just transfer money to her account. Usually she places the bills on the table and I transfer the money into her account, she then pays it. It turns out the power bill, rent and a few other bills she had run up arrears on and I only just found out rent is 2 months behind.

She is in plenty of debt, upwards of 70% of all her income goes towards servicing those debts. Most of those are also minimum repayments so she certainly isn't making any headway on it.

Her minivan died a few days ago and she has no avenue to get a replacement as she doesn't have any money and her credit file is plain rubbish.

Her kids aren't cheap to feed due to a host of allergies. Their father has been MIA for the last 5 years, therefore asking him for money isn't an option. I don't have problems feeding these kids and end of the day it is their mother who cheated.

She doesn't really have any family she could turn to either as most are either struggling or couldn't give a toss.

As it goes, she lost her job yesterday.

Leaving isn't really an issue, I can pack my bags and head out in an hour if I wanted. However I feel I cannot in good conscience let the 2 young kids go cold or hungry.

Opinions please, what should I do about this?
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I told her maybe we should have a break from each other so she could reflect on what she did, also told her I thought it was best I moved out as I'm sick and tired of commuting and returning to middle of nowhere. She begged me not to leave.
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After some thinking and an argument I decided to leave the house.

Loaded up everything into the truck and now staying with a friend for a few days.

She insisted on more money from me till she found a job.
Leaving a cheating girlfriend and her kids when she is in a bit of a pickle, yes or no?
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