Would you forgive someone that ruined your relationship?

I ruined my friends relationship with his girlfriend of over 3 years and they split up. And my friend has forgiven me for it and i can't understand why he has.

Would you forgive someone that did that to you? Why do u think he has forgiven me?


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  • How exactly did you ruin it? It would depend on the context. Like if they said that they saw her cheating with another man, of course I wouldn't want to believe it at first. Even though I wouldn't believe them, it would cause tension in my relationship. Later on, I could find out the truth and forgive them (the one who 'ruined' it) because they were right.

    But most likely not. There would have to be a very good reason.

    • I told her that he was cheating. I just dont why youd forgive someone who broke your trust and ruined your relationship. I dont think i would

    • If my friend told me that my gf was cheating, then he would have pretty solid proof. But a couple of my friends have been shady around girls I've dated. One of them liked the same girl so if he told me that, I'd be suspicious. The only way I'd take them back as a friend is if I found out she was in fact cheating.

  • I would try, however, I would also, right then and there, prefer not to speak to said person again. Period.

    Personally, I was in a similar situation a few ago. A good friend of my S/O told her untruths to influence her to doubt me. But what my S/O didn't know, but I did, was she was that her friend expressed jealousy and resentment towards her to their other friends. There is much more, but I'll spare you the details.

    Needless to say, I dropped her "so called friend" out of my life quicker than the time I ran out of my then girlfriend's house, as a teen, after discovering her father would be arriving shortly. She can not come in my home and she is not invited to any future events that we plan.

    Frankly, it seems quite challenging to trust someone whom intentionally betrayed my trust in them and jeopardized both relationships.

    Again, I'll try to forgive her, but I will not forget what she did. Therefor, I will continuously attempt to avoid her.


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