Is he playing mind games or just hurt?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years yesterday morning from a huge fight while he was on a coke binge. First off- I don't hate people who do drugs and think nothing is wrong with it unless a person has lost all ambition and/or is going no where in life.
Yes- I got on his case and he went ballistic breaking my property and asked me to leave his home. Not wanting to abandon him I told him we can still be together and he needs help, but he told me I had to go. -- though I ended up coming back because I was so distraught about ending a 4 year relationship ( we're 22/23 by the way )

He still calls me babe and tells me he loves me but he won't take me back. He says we're on hold and he needs space.

Yet last night we slept together and apart from it being amazing, he told me I'm so good to him and he loves me then fell right asleep.

This morning I patiently waited for him to wake up as it was his first time sleeping in a couple days. Everything went okay all day until I had taken a quick nap. He kept coming over to me and pinching and squeezing my legs and id tell him nicely to quit it. Then the very last time I said STOP! And turned over. That's when he yelled at me this is why we can't be together and asked me to leave again. After that I cried for a while in his room and he was just laughing at me and telling me "it doesn't feel good does it. Idc cry all you want but it isn't changing anything. I'm so sick of your crap. I love you though and don't want to hurt you"

Long story short since we have the same mutual friends I ended up bumping into him later tonight. He asked me to come home with him- and I happily did. But when we got to his place he motioned me to follow him to the shower then stepped ahead of me while entering the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him.

When he got out- same deal- touching me and calling me babe but every time I ask if we're together he tells me to shut up.


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  • He's f**ked up on drugs. The moods are up and down. You're better off without him.
    All he is doing is using you for sex.

    He has a serious problem. And until he gets clean he's not worth your time. If he doesn't stop things will only get worse for him. And you don't need to be around for that. Because he WILL drag you down with him.


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  • You're a fool for putting up with this type of behavior. He'll do it as long as you let him.


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