Quick, how do I respond to this compliment he sent me?

I really suck at receiving compliments, but I can usually get away with a simple "thank you" or something. But this was a BIG compliment and I don't know what to say back. He said "Thanks for everything you do. You are a fantastic person." What's worse is I really didn't do anything to deserve it haha.

He's my ex, by the way (and we're friends). He sent it to me in a text message at about 1:00am. So how can I gracefully respond to this?
I just sent him "I have no idea what you're thanking me for haha but you're welcome anyways. Back at you." We'll see how it goes lol.


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  • If Your Ex is sending sweet Somethings Now in your ear, and he is still on your list of buds, then he is obviously Still interested. Whether or not you feel you deserve the flattery, my friend, he might just be "buttering up his bud," and all I can say from this point On----There is probably More in site where That one came from, sweetie. xx

    • If you are Only interested in his friendship, and nothing more, don't lead him on with anything too sweet, but semi sweet instead.."Thank you for this.. so sweet of you to say this."

    • I would honestly love it if he was interested, but that doesn't make any sense. He's the one who called it off. But, then again, it's not unusual for this boy to confuse me with his actions.

      Thanks for your answer. :)

    • And glad I could be "most helpful." Maybe so, in calling it qyuits---for TODAY--but with today's sporadic, unpredictable guys, they are always "confusing," and always will. My guess is he May just miss you Now enough to have had a----"change in thought pattern."xx

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  • I'd probably say something like, "Aw, well thank you :) what makes you say that?"


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