I accused her of cheating and I was wrong.?

I accused her of cheating and I was wrong how do I get her back?


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  • If you had reason to accuse her, then you aren't wrong.

    If she showed no indication of cheating, and you accused her due to your own insecurities then yes you owe her an apology.

    "How do I get her back?"
    Start by admitting that you were wrong and then take it from there.
    If she is still angry and wants some time alone... give her that space.
    Just continue to let her know that she didn't deserve that and you will not do that again.

    • well I got dumped because I drove by and seen the ex B/f car parked there and reacted. apparently it broke down near her house and he parked it there. she dumped me because she can't be in a relationship without trust.

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  • You talk to her and see if she is willing to forgive you. Don't accuse her without solid evidence ever again

    • when an ex boyfriends car is park in her drive way, it's kind of hard not to think about.

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    • Call her and see if she will talk.

    • it goes straight to voice mail

  • Learn from it. Make sure it never happens again


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