Told me he was seeing his ex then asked me to lunch.. whats the agenda here...(m)?

We had been seeing each other for a couple of months and have known each other for two decades. He recently told me he's attempting for a third time a relationship with an ex. I tell him I felt something was off so I had been speaking to an ex of mine who had contacted me as well. He asked who, as I did to him. We both are testing out these relationships and are taking things day-to-day. The same day he told me of his current standing, he asked me to have lunch with him (which was our twice a week ritual). I was hesitant, ultimately accepted the invite. We had a nice lunch, chatted briefly about our new relationships etc. When I was leaving he stood in front of me wanting a hug goodbye, he squeezed me hard, pulled back a bit, looked at my lips and grabbed a quick kiss. I was shocked he did that, I started walking away he said thanks for having lunch with me, I reiterated the same, then he hollared 'later baby!' (Regurgitating the same stuff he used to say to me before). Whats all this about?


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  • you are probably a rebound because thinks are funny between them