I live with my ex boyfriend, Does he want me back?

My and ex and I were together for 14 months and we have lived together our entire relations. A month ago he broke up with me because he felt his better off alone and wants to be single. That’s what he told me anyways. I spent two weeks avoiding him by staying busy with friends and family and staying with people. He was miserable he didn't eat, sleep or do anything besides lay on the couch. I came home and the house was a mess because he didn't do anything...
When I got home we had a talk about making it work by being friends as we live together and none of us can leave. Ever since the talk we have become really close, we flirt, laugh, playfully tease each other, we curl up on the couch and watch tv together and play the xbox together, We cook together and back to our usual selves. He has now moved himself back into my bedroom and sleeps in the same bed with me. He still calls me babe and sweetie and gives me hugs if I want one. We are really good friends. He said its ok for me to date or sleep with someone else as long as im honest with him. However recently we went out and I flirted with a few guys and out of nowhere he picked a fight with me and started to say that I wanted him back and using our mutual friends as an excuses saying he heard it from them and that I was bad mouthing him, Which isn't true. I got really upset and he walked away and I went and stayed at friends and didn't hear from him all night, in the morning he texted me asking where I was, if im coming home, was persistent in picking me up and said he wants us to be good again. I came home and he was back to normal and made sure I was ok. We are closer then ever and when I leave, his miserable, his friend keeps asking him if he made the right decision and brings us up and he just says its work and then goes quiet, or changes the subject. If I bring up the relationship he just goes quiet. He talks about me in his future. I just don’t understand what his doing or thinking? Does he want me back?


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  • It sure looks like he wants you back. There's only one way to find out.

    • How? He refuses to talk about us. He keeps saying he just wants to be friends, and he has kissed and flirted with other girls in front of me.

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