Could he be a narcissist? I would like to know if my ex is a narcissist or simple a very self centered person.?

I have been in a relationship with a guy for approximately 8 years. We have had many ups and downs and he even had walked out of me before and told me that he was being very stupid for not realizing my worth. We have been in LDR for 3 years and I have had traveled to UK and he had took me to Paris by surprise just 2 years ago. He made me feel so complete. However, without any signs and after promising about marriages, my ex dumped me for a girl. He said I am too poor and that I have family commitment but he had decided to stay there and he never bother to work on the relationship anymore. I have spoke to him and been messaging him and I have even tried to ask the girl to leave him as I saw him as someone whom I would marry but nothing even works now. Now that I know he created new memories with her by traveling to Rome and etc, I feel so hurt because he became so insensitive towards my feelings. He was never as caring as how he is now with her towards me. I have had done more than what I could even afford for us. I worked 3 part time jobs, pawned my jewels to pay visits to him. I feel very terrible and my ex suffers from chronic skin problem. He always needed physical love from me and when everything was about to go all good, this had to take place.. devastated


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  • No, he doesn't seem like a narcissist. He does seem like a jerk for not wanting to be with you because of your wealth status. However, you don't deserve him; you deserve someone better. You deserve someone who will commit to you as you are committed.

    • We have been together since the age of 16. He had several breaks up with me. However since 18 till 20 for approximately 2 years, I was just his friends with benefits. He makes out with me and says that there is no feelings. But he knew that I loved him all the while. I could not tolerate his sexual appetite sometimes , where he just asks me to do oral sex while driving, cause it made me to feel that he just comes and see me when he feels like it since he was only coming back during summer.:(

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