I had to break up with her. But I want us to work?

Ok so here is the quick version. My ex gf is very controlling and gets mad quickly over very small things. And when she is mad she says very hurtful things to me. Finally I have had it. I we got into a big fight and I told her I wasn't going to allow her to speak to me like this anymore, that I was tired of her shit. And I left. Haven't spoken to her in 3 days. I really believe she loves me and she has told me I'm the only one who understands her, and I have shown her the whole time we have dated how much she means to me. I just want her to stop with her attitudes. But I think it is over. Will she realize she was wrong? Do you think she will come back with a different outlook on our relationship since I'm sticking to my guns this time? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Sweetie, if she has been this overbearing ogurt while in your relationship Then, and it drove you to the brink of madness where you Had to finally call it quits even, this is telling me she will----Never learn, Nor----realize deep down where she was wrong.
    Girls and guys such as this are known as control freaks, bangy bi polar people. They need professional help, and without this, there is no getting through to them, and------"no different outlook on your relationship."
    Sure, she could come back and be Good for maybe a few weeks, but if you are sticking to your guns, after those few weeks, she would be right back to where you both started from----sticking It to you with all of her Mighty winded mouth.
    It's your call, your choice, but a leopard doesn't change its spots over
    nite, and this little kitten is no exception.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Speaking from my own experience, give her some time. Don't go chasing her if she doesn't come back. If she meant what she said about all the things you're saying she said, she will come back to you and eventually realize she was wrong. Especially since you are showing her that this time you mean what you say.

  • Just being honest.

    If you come back to her then she will believe she is still in control. While this "break" is happening tell her how she is and if she going to fix it, wait it out, to see what she has to say.


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