Have you ever got a reply from your ex-close friend (girl/boy) who broke up with you after you told them that you love them more than a friend?

I am in love with this girl and we became really close friends in a short time. After staying friends for 2-3 months I told her how I actually feel about her. She rejected me and asked not to talk to her anymore so I didn't. I tried moving on but it didn't work so far and I miss a lot now. She neglected me everytime she saw me after that but recently she smiled at me after months. I really couldn't believe myself then but I remember how I happy I was that night. I didn't talk to her that night and haven't seen her since then. We go to same university but I don't know what time she's on campus so that I can talk to her in person. Well so giving it a lot of thought and the fact she will gone this year I decided to text her but I am confused should I text her or not? Before this smiling incident I wished her on her birthday by sending her a happy birthday text to which she didn't replied. Seeing this smiling incident as a positive thing my friend also suggested met to just text her and see if she replies. So does anyone of you boys/girls have been through same situation or can relate have sent the text to that special person you were missing and if you did then did you hear from them or not? If yes, was it a positive response that you expected or not and how did that changed your life or emotions after talking to them? Please help and thanks for the responses in advance. Girls I would really appreciate help from your side as you might be able to relate what she might be thinking or can at least guess the response girls usually give.
Need an urgent response, please.:)


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  • Why would you text her all happy now just because she smiled at you? What exactly would you write or gain from it?
    Besides, what kind of person rejects someone (forget that you used to be friends!!) and then add "please don't contact me anymore"?

    • But that;s what actually happened and I want to stay as her friend at least coz she meant a lot to me and still does.

    • All I'm saying is that she obviously doesn't feel the same.
      I've been in your place, and in her place, and you can never be friends as you used to. And if she actually said those things, you can scratch the chance of you ever getting together as well. Very unlikely.

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