Still care about my ex and I'm afraid of expressing my feelings. Help :/?

My ex was my hs sweet heart, my first love, my everything. We have been broken up for quite sometime now and I have had new relationships and I believe he is currently in a relationship. I came across some old photos and I realize how much I really did care for him and I am a little torn. I want to let him know how I feel but Im scared to be rejected and also I think he has a gf and i definitely do not want to step on any toes or break up a happy home. Do you guys believe in just letting things be and letting life take its course and what is supposed to happen will happen? Or should I just go out on a limb and express my feelings at the risk of embarrassing myself and him rejecting me?


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  • It's time to let things go. Of course you're going to have those feelings because of your reasons. He was your first everything. However, it's not meant to be. Life isn't a romantic comedy where you can convince him that he still loves you, and he'll realize it and you get married and live happily ever after. If you truly care about him, let him live his life. You'll get your chance, and you'll find a guy who will love you.

  • Life is never going to do you favors. It doesn't have an elaborate plan of setting you up with your soul-mate and watching you live your life in everlasting bliss. If you want things to happen, you have to make them happen. I always say that holding stuff like that in is so much worse than the rejection you may face. To be honest, the chances of him coming back are almost nonexistent, but if you feel that way, I think you should say something. Even if he rejects you, you will feel better letting those feelings out and eventually letting them go if that's the eventual outcome.


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