He got divorced in October and i feel like he's "the one" but i don't want to be a "rebound" either...?

i met this guy, zach, and he invited me to his singles vday party. after that party he invited me out the next day on his boat but i couldnt make it. we've talked a lot via fb message and text. last week he invited me over and cooked me pizza (from scratch) and drank some wine. we talked all night about everything and anything.
it was then i fell head over heels for him - he has everything (almost) that i want in a partner. he admitted he was separated in October from his wife, so i asked if it was a full divorce, and he said yes he's completely divorced. he said it was 10 years (total relationship time including marriage) and she was a model and freeloaded off of him. she cheated multiple times, even with groomsmen from their wedding. they had marriage counseling and all. he said it's completely over, but they are in occassional contact and he wishes her the best but that's it.
he made it clear he's into me and not other girls who have hung out in the same circle as us. after that night i invited him out the next night to go dancing and the night after that. so three nights together. and he texted me too after everything.

i REALLY think we could work, but he's never officially asked me out on a date, he's 26 and i'm 24. i do want a relationship with him, but i don't want to be a rebound from his marriage since the divorce happened sometime in October. i don't even know how he really feels about me too...

what are your thoughts?


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  • You don't want a relationship with him but you don't want to be a rebound girl.. sounds like a paradox to me. If you don't want a relationship and you don't want to be a rebound, find someone else.

    • i may not have been clear when i wrote this. i DO want a relationship with him, very much so. i just don't want that relationship to be a rebound relationship... does that make sense? (sorry sometimes i'm not the best with words)

    • No sorry that was my bad. I misread it. You do want a relationship. Well, you may as well take a chance with him. Make it clear to him you're not just into him for a short term/friends with benefits thing.

    • that's a really good point. if it turns into a relationship (which i'm hoping it will) i'll definitely take your advice and make it clear to him. thank you so much!

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