Girlfriend of 9 months want a break from relationship?

Girlfriend of 9 months just said that we need a break from are relationship because I fucked up. I lied to her multiple times and was shady about things.
After she packed up her stuff and moved back in with her dad I really broke down and really realized how much I actually love her. I have been apologizing like crazy telling her we can fixs this and she keeps say we need to take this day to day and that I have to prove myself to her and Change my way of life.
Is she just giving me false hope and waiting for the right time to break it off or is she telling the truth? We talk every dad and have see each other a couple times since the break started


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  • Dude. -faceplam-
    This is the shit we hate. It takes you not that she might leave you to realize you love her.
    Anyway, you obviously fucked u[p, no one wants to be constantly lied to and thrown shade especially when you are constantly giving that person the chance to not do those things.

    The fact that she packed up and left means you really have to do something out of the way to prove that you love her and you won't do the same shit again but being that you probably have said you wouldn't on multiple occasions and continued to lie and be shady anyways. You are really in for it and if you don't figure out a way soon she's probably not going to come back. There is only so much one person can take.

    So, think of it like you were in her shoes, what would she have to do to prove herself after constantly lying to you and being shady REPEATEDLY throughout your WHOLE relationship?
    What does she like? What does she not like? You seriously need to make some changes and put in some effort if you really want her to come back. Show her that you know you messed up and why you messed up, why you were doing those things and why you won't again. Don't be afraid to sit down and make a list or guidelines or something, us women like to see physical (tangible) effort, don't just say your going do something and not do it. Know what I mean. Get her flowers, leave her little notes, drop off her favorite sandwich, clean the space you both live in and let her know so she will know you actually want her to come back (put out her favorite sheets or something like that) and don't stop showing her these things even if she won't listen... because she is, even when you think she's not, so if you give up or you are slacking she will know you don't really give a shit about her.

    Most of all, you need to mean it. Be sincere in whatever you do, don't let her feel like you just want her to come back just because. Let her know it's because you DO love her. Only Her.


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  • she's telling you the truth... as in take it day to day for now... i think that's probably the best thing for both of you... maybe you weren't too sure about her before hence the shady behavior... so yeah take it slow... and hopefully you'll slowly be able to open up with her. take care and hope things work out.

  • Perhaps she just said that because she feels bad for you , or she is willing to give it a second. The thing is that she wants to start all over again from friends she wants you to prove yourself all over ; trust can't be brought once is gone you cheated and that won't be forgotten over looked but always in thought at the end of the day. Do you really want a relationship where their is no trust or hope

    • I want to earn it back

    • There's no earning back trust it's like death... if she was the one who cheated you she earn your trust back.

  • She likely just needs more time to get her mind around what happened, accept it, and try to move on from it. I personally find it very frustrating when a guy messes up, I call him on it, and right away almost like a reflex he apologizes, tries to sweet-talk his way out of it and expect things to return to exactly how they were before the next day. Give her some more time, and remember; actions speak louder than words. Rather than just apologizing constantly, show her that you're sorry, that you won't repeat the same mistake, and that you've learned your lesson that honesty is the best policy.


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  • You can answer that question better than I can. Is she normally an honest person with her feelings?

    • She's a very upfront person

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    • Will she wait or is there a chance that she would start to see other people?

    • I have no idea. I don't know her. I don't know what guys are chasing after her. Just take it day by day and hope for the best.

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