Difficulty getting over ex. Need advice?

I'm having a very hard time getting over my ex. We have been broken up for a long time but I still feel sad here and there about it an I'm finding it hard to move on with my life. Any tips on how to move on and let go and be happy?


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  • Don't focus on moving on or stop thinking about him. It's the white bear thing, if you don't want to think of a white bear, what will you be thinking of? A white bear. At least that's what my psychology class told me. The more you push certain feelings away, the harder they'll hit you back later on. So my advice would be: try to avoid him (so no texting, emailing, calling, facebookstalking, talking, ...) just a quick "hey" when you see him should suffice. Give yourself time to get over it. Loving someone isn't something you just forget or get over without looking back. In my love life, I only really loved one guy, we broke up 7 years ago but he still has a soft spot in my heart.
    So take your time and don't force yourself! Try to do the normal life things: work/school, friends, activities, sport, going out, having fun, ... And some day you'll go to bed thinking: "oh, I haven't thought about him all day" or maybe just once or twice. Those are quite some big steps. But do take your time to sulk, cry and feel bad about it. It's about finding a balance between those two where the "having fun and living your life" part wins.
    I'm sorry if this seems a crappy explanation or help, but it works for me and I hope it will help you too.


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