I asked my ex if he ever loved me and he dodged the question, I asked him if he loves his current girlfriend and another dodge. what does this mean?

We recently broke up the week of the 16th of January 2014 and as of feb 1 2014 he let his new girlfriend post on Facebook that they were a couple 6 days after he posted on Facebook that we were not together anymore ( he did not tell me he just posted it.) He dated her 15 years before he knew me. He never told me that he loved me during our couple. everytime I asked why he never said it he made a kiss noise or dodged. I asked because i was looking at his phone-with permission-and i saw a text from her saying "you I love you." I asked him and he dodged. I asked if he ever loved me and he dodged again. i told him that i do not think he ever loved me and he said i was wrong, asked again and he dodged. Am i right?


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  • Whether he loved you or not, I think you should let it go. It sounds like he meant a lot to you, and I know it's hard, but instead of asking him about love, I think you should try to move on. If you keep focusing on whether he loved you or not you'll drive yourself crazy. You deserve someone who will love you, so go out and find that person rather than staying stuck on this guy.


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