Why my ex boyfriend isn't contacting me anymore...?

its been about 5 months after our breakup and I've realized that its difficult for my ex boyfriend to forget the past and forgive me for my faults. He would call and text me daily, calling me every morning and at night maintaining contact between us and seeing me a few times a week. he's shown heavy emotion recently and would get easily jealous but its been about a week now and he has not contacted me. what could be going on?


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  • It isn't easy to be friends with past lovers. This is why a period of no contact can be helpful. He's probably getting to the point where he's pulling back so you both can move on and so he can start healing himself. Or, maybe he met somebody else to take his mind off you. Being friends after can be a selfish and self perserving act ( I've done it myself). Why do you really want to keep contact with him? Because you value him as a person or because it makes you feel better about yourself? Give him his space! Take the time to look at yourself and think about what you really need and want. Forgive yourself and start to heal

    • I want him back in my life but i know times are tough because its so difficult for him to forget about the faults that I've made, I haven't contacted him and isn't sure if i should

    • If you really want him back, you're going to have to prove it to him. Put the effort in and show him he's worth it. He's been doing his part keeping communication open but I'm guessing that he felt like he's getting nowhere and that's why he stopped contacting you. Both people have to want to fight for a relationship, otherwise, it will always be one sided.

    • For the last 5 months, I've made it aware to him that I've accepted and forgiven myself for the mistakes I've made and was ready to work on us and earn his trust back, during that period i felt like he was stringing me along and wanted me to wait for him since he would say the words "I dont know" when asked about us. How can i prove it to him but by also giving him the space he needs? thanks so much by the way for responding to my post

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  • Hopefully, he's finally getting over you.


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