Why is he doing this and what changed?

Hi! So a couple months ago, I asked a question about a guy I was seeing for 3 months. When we were "together" he was very kind, sweet, and told me that he didn't like "sluts" and that he hated drinking. He let it be known that he had a bad home life and that he had been hurt unexpectedly before, and that he wasn't ready for an official relationship. Randomly, though, he told me that he couldn't see me because of work. He would text me every week or two still. One time I texted him, and he didn't answer. I then found out he was dating a girl who he drank with (meanwhile, he told me he hated girls like this because his parents were alcoholics.)

I got over him, unfriended him, but yesterday, my best friend (who introduced us) told me that two weeks ago, he was saying how he has been having sex with all these girls... ME BEING ONE OF THEM!!! We didn't have sex, and he told when we were together that he wasn't like that, and didn't want that from me. I texted him last night and he kept apologizing for leading me on (I confronted him about the other girl) although he never gave me a reason for leaving, still. He also kept denying saying we slept together.

Why is he doing this? He was so amazing when we were together and now this? If he couldn't stand to be with me, why would he want people to think we had sex? What changed in him to make him such a prick all of a sudden? My friend said he was never like this until we stopped seeing each other.


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  • It's probably due to his own insecurities; trying to brag about things that never actually happened. When you were together it probably seemed good because it seems like an act from what I'm gathering in your story.

    I've known a lot of people with alcoholic parents who swore never to go down that road only to fall into it themselves on a destructive path. I think a lot of the times they think "oh what the heck, I'm never going to get out of control like they did. It's just a little fun" and it turns into something much worse. That kind of addictive personality is genetic.

    I would just forget about him if I were you.

    • Oh I'm definitely going to forget about him, and he knows I'm mad!!! It did seem like he had insecurities when we were seeing each other, and he definitely was OCD and a workaholic. It just sucks that I cared for him, and he turned into a loser.

    • It happens. I went through a series of losers before I found my guy; believe me.

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