My ex has ditched me three times, is it even worth trying to be friends?

Given, he didn't know his friend would be staying so long or coming when he did (this week is their spring break), but he has ditched me three times.
He treated me like shit when we were together... He ditched me for his friend when we had our first fun date planned after a two month break. He honestly doesn't seem to care about me at all as a person.
Still, there's part of me that doesn't want to lose him completely. I don't know why I can't just let him go.
Any suggestions?


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  • Yeah I really think your instincts are valid.. with guys sometimes it's about what they physically DO for you, you know? Like it seems clear his priorities are elsewhere. You have to demand what you deserve, even if you love him and are attached to him


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  • I wanna say the best solution to make yourself a better person is forgetting him and move on to find someone better.

    It's not worth to be his friend when he doesn't even acknowledge you at all. I think the reason behind your idea of not leaving him is that you're afraid to search for that someone.

    Just give it a try, like my friend told me "In order escape the mundane, you gotta evolve" Its a big world, so try and find some new friends.


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