Hi I've asked a few questions on here about my ex?

Ex dumped me months ago I was pretty cut up about it.. I done the whole begging and texting thing to be told to go away.. his words where I'll only sleep with you if you give me money.. I was in a really bad way felt sick and lost weight, it took a few months to get my act together.. changed my appearance my attitude and just felt good about myself, I joined a dating site met a few guys on there was just testing the waters to see if I was ready for dating, well now ready until today I recieved a mail on the dating site from the ex with "hello x" I deleted the message as I remember the cruel nasty things he said after the breakup, I remember how he showed me a video of him having sex with another female when went to collect my things and remember getting abuse from whatever random he was seeing at time... do dumpers have beacons on their head to know when a dumpee has moved on? in my last question I asked about Facebook I just thought it was a mistake it surely my appearance hasn't changed that much for him not to recognise it's the persons heart he broke..
I'm not stupid to contact him at all I just need the strength not to that's all... when I blocked him off Facebook my words were I never want to see your face again but I wish you well in life.. I wouldn't go back to someone who hurt me first time and I think he's been dumped so on the prowl
Any words of support to keep me from viewing his profile I haven't not do I want to or replying to future messages...

I genuinely loved him he told me he didn't love me or even like me after 3 years of being in each other's life's

any tips to carry on ignoring him? Because it's hard for me

sorry if it seems jumbled but my heads all over the place...


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  • You are doing all the right things, look at all the great things you have accomplished, and how proud you should be of yourself. Contacting him would be undoing all of your hard work you have done to become a better person and get over him. Your ultimate revenge to him is that he can no longer hurt you, which will bother him.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wish my ex would come back to me. He said nasty things to me as well, but men tend to say mean things out of anger. If you really don't want him back, then just don't. Obviously you're strong enough to not need him.


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