Girls, is there any reason behind my ex GF trying to approach me?

This happened 3 days ago. I was standing outside a University building with a course mate of mine talking to him. Suddenly I noticed in the corner of my eye that my ex GF was standing close by facing me. After only a few seconds she walked away. I looked after her and I'm positive it was her.

It's been 3 months since the break up, what's going on?

I think you might want to know this too:

- I catch her staring at me very often, every time I go on a night out. Whenever I make eye contact with her she would look away.
- I can also say that she hasn't been seeing anyone or dating anyone since the Break Up.

Last Friday night I was out with a close friend of mine. We were playing pool when my ex and 2 of her friends started to play on the next table. Yet again I caught her looking in the corner of my eye and at one point she turned her back on me, talked to one her friends and the friend looked at me.

What's going on really?


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  • You'll have to actually talk to her to find out what is going on.

    • I thought so.. But it's difficult after what happened in December . I had a massive falling out with my ex friend, he attacked me with a lighter and a deodorant can. He lied to my ex, her friends and a couple of my mates. I did hit him, but it was purely in self defence and he lied telling them all that I hit him after he asked me to leave his room. :/

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