Why do always say guys cheat on them with ugly girls?

Let's be real. It doesn't even make sense. What guy would cheat on their girlfriend with a less attractive girl? The girl they cheat with is more than likely hotter than their gf or else there would be no point in doing it. Do girls just say this to make themselves feel better?
Are the girls in denial or something?


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  • I've known guys to cheat on their girlfriends with less attractive girls. Its not about her being more attractive necessarily. For a lot of men being attractive to women is a huge part of their ego, nothing validates and proves you are attractive more than someone wanting to have sex with you. Essentially they did it to prove to themselves they still could, not because the girl was more attractive. Or they were just horny at the time and thought they'd get away with it. Or they suspected their girlfriend was being unfaithful or was about to be and they did to almost 'even things out' in their mind. Or they were just bored with sleeping with the same person all the time and wanted some variation. Or some other reason, there are a loads of possibilities, its not all about attractiveness, in fact I'd say its usually not.


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  • I think it happens both ways... she's less attractive but throwing herself at him and he's turned on enough and enough of a shit to take it in the heat of the moment.
    She is hot as hell and he's not passing it up.

    One he might be more the target and one more the initiator. Doubt it matters much. He's still unfaithful.

  • I think guys who cheat on girls less attractive than their girlfriends is because it is probably difficult to find someone as attractive if not more for casual sex or a one time hook up because they dont want the burden of spending time with high maintenance woman because that is usual what they are trying to get away from. Also everyone knows, average looking women are easier to get than the more attractive ones


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