Did this sound too desperate? GUYS?

So my bf broke up with me last week. He said he did not have a lot of extra time and a relationship took too much time for him (he is always working) and said that it did not really count as a relationship since we only went on four dates that were five months ago. He told me that he'd hope I enjoy my vacation time even with this breakup. I told him that I understand that but I had been in love with him and the dates had been fabulous but that I'd get over him, enjoy my vacation time and that we would remain friends (we had been friends for four years prior) and that I'd hope he enjoy his vacation time but I had to go to work. He said "Alright, bye" and that was it.

Did it sound too desperate when I mentioned that I had been in loved with him but now I was over him? I am no longer going to text him but I was told that I sounded like a clingy, desperate, girl and I am not that.
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  • I'm guessing he put "alright bye" to you because he was expecting a bit more of a dramatic response from you like "please don't leave me" etc. just to make him feel better about himself and so he'd know that he could have you whenever he wants, cause you went about it the sensible way he probably didn't like it as much. Also by you saying that you would get over him, may make him think that you wasn't that in love with him and made him a bit upset. But I would just leave things now, just wait for him to message you again don't go back on anything you said because those are your true feelings, well unless you change your mind of course.

    • I think he said that because that is what he usually says when I tell him I have to go. But he probably was epxpecting me to beg him to stay. I didn't say that. Yeah but I did tell him that I had been in love with him before but now I was over him. I will not message him again. I want to make sure I am a 100% over him. I will not change my mind because I know it will not happen again.

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