When couples break up, what goes through the guy's head?

My boyfriend broke up with me today. He was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend. He heavily pursued me at the beginning and we were very much in love. I was his first everything (excluding sex, we are both virgins who believe in no sex until marriage). The first month felt like heaven but then he began to be too busy. I stayed by his side because I was in love with him and would wait until the end of the Earth for him.

Unfortunately, he didn't agree. He broke up with me because he said the relationship was taking too much of his time (it has been months since we'd gone on a date but I was okay with that because I really just wanted him). I tried to pretend like it didn't affect me at all and I am already over him but the truth is, it really hurts. I feel so much pain, I don't why he thought that would be better. I would prefer him ignoring me for a year than this pain. I really loved him. We did decide to remain friends (had been friends five years prior but I don't think I can do it).

Anyways, while I (the girl) is going through hell, what do you guys think is going through his head?


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  • One thing you need to understand is that emotions don't just go away over night. A breakup is two sided. That means that BOTH people have emotions about it. not just one person. I think his decision is smart if he doesn't have the time to dedicate to a relationship with you. If you respected yourself a bit more, you would see that. You should NEVER want a guy who cannot give you the time you deserve. You should never put yourself in a position where you are just waiting for a guy to FIND time for you to the point where you are willing to wait for a year for him. Girl! You deserve more. And he knows that, so he let you go so someone else can give you what you deserve. I know you're hurting because breakups are difficult. But trust the universe. TRUST that God has your back and that someone else more fitting is out there for you... good luck.

    • I don't think so. I don't want another guy. I just won't date. I really don't want ot.

    • That's ultimately up to you. And I also feel like of course you feel that way since the breakup is recent. Of course you feel like he is the ONLY one for you. But I guarantee you will change your tune if you find out he is seeing someone else. As I said, breakups are rough. Good luck.

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  • lol, I was watching a comedian today talk about why he broke up with his last girlfriend. He said he did it because she kept turning the snooze button on and off. He doesn't like using the snooze button, in fact he doesn't even like using an alarm clock, yet, there she is, still doing it, regardless of this fact. He couldn't stand that she did this and she probably did it just to piss him off. So he ended it. He probably is relieved and is most likely on to someone new

    • By the way, how do y'all plan to remain friends, if y'all can't handle a relationship. He even said he broke up with you because of the amount of time. What makes you think he'll be able to hang out with you, as a friend?

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    • School friends? I text my friends outside of school.

    • I didn't know there was such a thing, as "school friends" (he said, sarcastically)

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  • That's strange. maybe he liked someone else

    • No. He had ten classes. Advanced classes.

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