I need a second opinion. I want her to make the right decision that will benefit her life. Help?

Had a long conversation with one of my close friends last night/early morning and I wanted a second opinion. She use to live with her boyfriend but moved back to her moms because she found out he cheated. He keeps coming around asking for forgiveness and wanting her to go back to living with him again but her feelings are no longer the same. She can't see a future with him anymore but she feels bad for him in a way. My advice to her was... "If you don't feel the same way and don't see yourself going back to the place to live with him than it's best to stay at your moms and improve your life. Do what you have to do for yourself so one day you can move out on your own, be independent and find someone who respects you enough to be loyal. " so what would you guys say? He's saying it happened a long time ago but does it really matter? There's no more trust in that relationship, she feels it's not even worth another chance because she's given so many before.


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  • "It" happened a long time ago. Meaning the time she knows about was a long time ago. Could be other times since then. (Or maybe not.) The point is she does not trust him and she has given him many chances before. So she should NOT go back to him. Maybe some day in the future he will prove himself worthy of her (doubtful), but until then your advice is spot on!


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