ladies: after you dump a guy and still maintain contact?

what's it saying? are you keeping tabs? are hoping he will grow from the break up? she still talks to me and we've only been broken up for a week.


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  • Definitely keeping tabs.

    If you still like her as more than just friends, cut contact off with her completely. Let her know a life without you 100%.

    If she truly likes you she'll come crawling to you and that's when you turn your game on on her.

    A little story for you:

    My ex GF broke up with me 3 months ago. She wanted us to be "friends", I told her I couldn't because of my feelings for her, and she was literally pleading with me. I told her no and walked off and cut all contact with her.

    3 months on she's till trying to move on, but it definitely seems that she still likes me (a lot). It's only a matter of time she realises what she's lost and she'll crack.

    I know it sounds mean, but love is a game.

    • Yes I'm starting to realize that a game has to be played.

    • Just stick to your guns, and by that I mean don't show her your cards. If she sees what you're doing, you'll blow it. Girls love knowing a guy is fighting for her, as soon as she notices he's "fading away" she'll question herself to a point when she'll have to contact him. But even there, stick. to. your. guns.

      Good luck.

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  • tbh, i only keep contact if he wants to.

    iv only ever had 1 ex. i apologised as sincerely as i could and asked if we could still be friends. he said he never wanted to speak to me again, so i respected that. but if he did want to, i guess it would just b over general stuff like how family is going or university etc, and definitely not in contact everyday. she's probably trying to make the break up as graceful as possible by still showing u she cares.

    hope that helps

  • If I think a friendship is salvageable, I'll happily keep in contact with an ex. It doesn't mean anything beyond that.

  • Normally I don't, but most of my ex's beg to stay friends (normally because they don't want to break up) I'll keep them on my Facebook , and keep their number.

    But I don't hang out with them really or talk too them. Occasionally they'll send me a text, or a FB message asking how I am and whats going on in my life, but constant contact doesn't exist. I think a few of them still hold out hope that we'll get back together, others are keeping tabs, and the rest as simply being friendly.

    If you've only been broken up for a week, she could possibly want to get back with you, or she's just trying to keep tabs on you.


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  • you should ignore her, it sounds mean but if you want her to get over you she has to learn that relationship is over... people fall in to a routine and her routine is talking to you... she will get the picture


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