Does staring really mean anything when it comes to exs?

I've heard from a lot of people who think staring isn't a major factor in your ex wanting you back. In fact, they say it has NOTHING to do with it and shouldn't be taken into account as a sign.

But the funny thing is, is that I look at my ex because 1) I still like her very much 2) I miss her 3) I want her back.

She constantly stares at me to a point that she's implicitly telling me "come talk to me" or "give me a smile".

Is the type of stare important?

If I catch her looking at me and she looks away, what does this tell me?

If I catch her look and I look away, I look back and she's still looking. What does this mean?


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  • well staring is always an indicator for interest in some way. if she looks at you and looks away as soon as you catch her then I would suggest that she still has a thing for you but doesn't want you to know or she's insecure about how you feel. if she continues staring, then there's definitely something up.

    • Well it's been for a good 3 months now. Maybe there is something up. I think she's trying hard to move on because of something that happened between me and my ex friend back in December . But he lied to her about what happened and since they're best friends she's taken his side - which is understandable.

      But we're having a meeting with the Uni dean and a student rep and we'll sort it out that way.

  • Who told you eye contact doesn't mean anything? lol

    Actually, eye contact says a lot. In fact, it is a language in itself. You can understand your lover from the way he/she looks at you. You can know if someone is happy or sad just by looking in their eyes. It's an art, you know? Looking people in the eye to get a grasp at how they feel.

    Sure it means a lot. She IS interested in you whether that means she wants you back or not. She wants to check you out, know what you're thinking, curious about how you feel towards her NOW, if you're still interested in her, etc. She wants to know if you look happier now or when you were in a relationship together. She's curious and still interested. Does she want you back? I would not know. You're the only one who could FEEL it.

    But sure, eye contact and stares mean A WHOLE LOT. :)

    • OK :) Well Yeah I do want her back of course! ... I'll give her a smile next time.

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    • oops sorry :P

      Gona wait till Thursday for this meeting with my ex friend and then I'll probably see her next Friday

    • Alright then. :)

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