We are now on a two month break?

So boyfriend... ex boyfriend... don't know what we are really, are on a "break". We broke up a few weeks ago, we got talking one day and I mentioned how maybe we could try again in the summer, when we have more time -- no dice from him. A few more days go by and he messages me saying yes, he would like to get back in the summer and really make our relationship work -- fair enough. Since then we've been hanging out and keeping in touch -- but he's made it clear that this is a break and not to treat this as a relationship -- okay fair enough. But why all the texting, why all the cuddles? It's as though nothing has changed. But we aren't "anything" at the moment.
I don't know , I guess I'm really unsure of what to do. I'm more or less confused.
Also, he requested that I don't talk about our plans with ANYONE I know -- so no one takes our relationship as a "joke"


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  • Apparently, he just wants this "break up break through" to be yours and his little secret, something just the two of you can share in. So-----fair enough.
    I see things may have remained the same in the lovey dovey department, for maybe this is a way of you both starting over Fresh for when you decide to Really begin the beguine again in the summer with your relationship. It sounds as though he is really making a concerted effort with you, rather than forget about you until another season, and to him, it's like this romantic rendezvous you both are on right now. I'm impressed.
    Just go with the flow, and don't bother right now trying to figure anything out, you'll just get more confused. This is actually healthy therapy for you both to nurture your relationship for the Better in the future, and no one has to be the wiser.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks! But another person commented that it sounds like he's getting his cake and eating it too -- thoughts?

    • Perhaps, but by him even keeping in touch with you, acting all lovey dovy, he is still around and not ignoring you, I am not saying he is cheating on you. By taking some time to maybe have You and some of his freedom, if you want to refer to That, then okay.. Other than that, I on't think he is up to anything really bad from what I can see. He calls it a "break," maybe for now, until summer, as you both agreed, to reflect on some things, but if it were truly a break up like, why is he around?

    • Hmmmm.. This just came to my mind.. perhaps all the continued cuddling and texting and hanging out, etc. he doesn't want You to cheat..

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  • I think as someone else said, he wants his cake and to eat it too, its not really fair to keep you on "hold". What for? Until someone better in his eyes comes along? I think you need to be more clear and give him a date otherwise it could essentially drag on for ages, leaving you heartbroken.

  • He's seeing is someone better comes along whilst using you. I don't see him as trustworthy at all.

  • it seems like he wants to have his cake and eat it too.


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  • A break means that you can't get pissed off if he as sex with someone else. As you aren't in a committed monogamous relationship.

    It also keeps you on a leash so that you can't get emotionally involved with other people in case things don't work out with him finding someone else to replace you.

    This is what it means when a man or a woman says that they want a break in the relationship.


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