Break up of long term relationship a stopping point?

Iv recently met a young (22) woman who I find I have great chemistry with. I believe she feels the same way about me as I do her.

The issue now is a previous bad break up from a partner of 5 years. The break up was a good 6 months ago but I do happily accept everyone is different when it comes to time and getting over someone.

Iv tried to understand just how bad the break up was, in order to 1.) Help her with any pain/distress she may have and 2.) To show her im understanding and open about her past.
However I stumbled on a exposed nerve which got me no where and again this reaction is very understandable and accepted.

Any advice on how she feels or thinks at this stage is very welcome, and if there is indeed something I can do to make her feel comfortable?


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  • I've been in a bad break up before... hell i'm going through one right now and the last thing i wanna talk about with anyone other than my best friends is the guy that i'm breaking up with. I would suggest stop pressing for answers. I guess you really like her and you want her to move on and whatever but to tell you the truth this might make you get friendzoned or worse she might lose interest. You can still show her that you are interested by being interested. When she's ready to talk about it with you just listen. She might ask for advice or she might not. But dont give what she didn't ask for because trust when i say it can be really ANNOYING.


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