Guys, have you ever broke up with a girl then realized you made a mistake a few months later then try to get back with her?

My ex broke up with me. There was no reason for the breakup. He won't talk to me, and I do love him. I just wanted to know if there was any chance we could get back together down the line after he's "cooled off". Again, I do not know the reason he left. He refuses to tell me. At first he said " I'm not repeating myself", problem was he never gave a reason to start with. From there it just went to anger and insulting me, and now he won't talk unless its to insult me. It's been a month and a half and he still won't talk. Please no " just move on" comments. That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if any guy has done something similar and went back to his ex later.

I'm also curious as to whether this is a "silent treatment". A sort of punishment for whatever it is that he's mad about. If you do think it's silent treatment, how should I handle it? If I ignore him then I'm no better then he is right?


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  • I broke up with my now soon to be wife because after all was said and done I had to admit that I was scared of caring about another person other than myself and I didn't come to that conclusion until I was 30 and we had been together for a year. Tree he break up lasted two months and as I said she will be my wife very soon. Hope this helps

    • So there is hope. :) Thank you.

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  • if i love/care about a girl in my life i would miss her a lot before a month and the only way we would be apart is if it was her call. (i have a gf of 7 years) we broke up a lot... still together tho. The longest we did break up for was a month. So there may be hope. I just know i would have to be very immature to insult someone i cared so much for even after so much time has already pass. Unless he found out something to hide and he found out. Only way i could see myself being that bitter.

    • something that you might be hiding or didn't tell him about*

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    • Yea, I realize now I got carried away because of how hurt I was so I'm trying a different approach now.

    • glad for you!

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  • It happens ALL the time with men AND women.
    Simply put: there are too many foolish people who grow accustomed to good things then take them for granted.

    I know you must be hurting : / Break-ups are usually hard especially if the former significant other is being so cold about it and you can't find closure. Your ex seems like an asshole. His actions are totally selfish and unless it's some James Bond/CIA type stuff where he has to break up with you or you're going to die: there is no excuse. Unless you cheated on him, lied, or did something incredibly hurtful to him to make him feel like cutting you out was the quickest way for him to find peace, then he's just being a jerk and you're better off without him.

    • You mean getting back together happens all the time? Or the silent treatment does?

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    • Why do you want to be back together with him so badly?

    • The relationship was perfect until the end of December , beginning of January. I'm not entirely sure what happened. I have ideas. Either way, regardless of his current behavior, he treated me very well until this point. Everything that is happening right now is very out of character for him.

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