Is there a chance that he is coming back?

well i dated this guy for a year and a couple weeks after our year anniversary he meets a different girl, they make out and well you can see he left and im here. He said though that it won't last long and he comes crawling back to exes... he said i love you babe yesterday and well he calls his new gf baby and well i dont know... does anyone think he will come back? he is 11 hours away and he promises to visit in the summer. need more info to tell just ask a question


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  • Why in the world would you ever take a guy like this back in the first place? All you'd be doing is teaching him (or confirming to him) that he can cheat on you with impunity, and even break up with you, and you'd patiently wait on his back burner until he was done with his fling, and you'd take him back. You'd be acknowledging that you're okay with being his "second choice." Is that really okay with you?

    in my opinion, the best thing you could do is grow some self-worth, cut off all ties with this guy PERMANENTLY AND FOREVER, and move on with your life. There are plenty of guys in the world who will treat you much better, so why encourage and enable some guy to treat you like crap?


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  • Have some self respect. The guy's a class A douchbag. And he doesn't sound too intelligent. He always comes crawling back to exes, a real winner that one is.

    When he comes "crawling" back, kick him in the teeth.


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    Have some self respect, don't take him back, he will keep walking all over you, he'll cheat again if you get back with him then you'l be doing this all over again. You're worth more than that, hold your head up high, cut him and his bullsh*t out of your life and move on.


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