Ex possibly checking up on me? Why? Now happily engaged with no contact to him at all?

Long story short when I was 18 I fell for this guy.. HARD. Dated him for about 6 months or so, pretty much in secret because well.. he was my coach. Oops. He was engaged, I ruined that. I was pretty awful and I feel bad. In my defense I didn't know about that when it started. Anyway, he broke it off with her and had her move out because of me. He always claimed I'm the only person he's ever loved blah blah. I never really trusted him after that and we went our own ways. A year or so later I met up with him again, and it was amazing, just like it had been before. He'll probably always be the love of my life, but I would never take him back, it would never be the same. Anyway, I left for training across the country for about a year, and now I'm home. Again we broke things off because I didn't trust him. He deleted me on Facebook , and blocked me I think.. Didn't pay much attention to FB while I was away. while I was gone I met the most amazing man. When I came home a few months ago he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. So now I am engaged to this amazing man, yet I still wonder about the first one sometimes. He's back with the girl he was once engaged to, which is good for him. I honestly am happy and hope they get married. I just can't help but wonder why he's constantly blocking and unblocking me on FB since we haven't talked in over a year now... I did go to see a few games last week, and I know he saw me there. I was with my fiancee for one of them. I don't know. why would a 28 year old adult play games like this on Facebook ? kinda strange? He's always been a bit out there though. PTSD to the max..


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  • I wouldn't ever trust this guy either. Maybe he is unblocking you and blocking you back and forth to see if something could come of it, but instead he is settling for his ex. Either way, you should cut him completely out of your life. No Facebook ... nothing. Whatever he is doing, is not your concern.

    Secondly,28 is STILL young and trying to figure yourself out. If I were you I would just ignore him and move on with my life.


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