This woman has me VERY confused. When she suddenly broke up with me?

I gave my girlfriend, the most loving kiss I could give her. I held by her waist and looked lovingly into her eyes. Then slowly I pulled her in a little closer, cupping her soft face between my rough hands. I continued to gaze into her eyes the leaned in and gave a slow drawn out kiss.
I then pulled away slightly and gave her a hug. She returned the hug. A very nice, very firm hug! Then I kissed the palm of her left hand and placed on my cheek. She stood there with a gazed look in her eyes. She took me by the hand, and led me to her hallway and showed a picture she had hanging of some friends that had 12 kids. She said the her friends broke up three times before they married. O was standing behind her. She placed my hand on her breast and held it there. Then she pushed her butt into my groin. That's as far as she wanted to go.

We made our way into her bathroom and we just looked at each other. I was still behind her holding her breast, her hand covering mine. She said I was handsome, and recounted our meeting the first time several years before.
We made our way into her living room and began to talk about our future. I wanted to kiss her again, but she said she was confused, and rather I didn't. I didn't push it.
The next day we spend 6 hours together. We went to a park for a walk (in the fall) then had a picnic, sitting on a blanket. She brought my favorite. Ham. She doesn't care for ham. Afterwards, she sliced a peach and we took turns feeding the slices to each other. We had a great time.
At her place afterwards we spent a half an hour slow dancing in her living room. I've never seen her so relaxed and comfortable. Then we sat and I read to her. She was sitting up against me with her head leaning forward, eyes closed, breathing soft and shallow. She was the most beautiful creature I ever seen.

The next afternoon, she calls and I could hear and feel the pain in her voice, she had been crying. She said she couldn't see me again.

What gives?
How long do I wait to try again? She has a couple of my possessions, and wants to wait another 3 or 4 months before returning them to me. She doesn't want me to show up at her place.


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  • I see a very vulnerable, confused woman who is afraid of getting hurt, sweetie. I think she has more feelings for her than she cares to admit, and even the thoughts of "going all the way" would be too much for her to bear. She was even perplexed about kissing her, after you both had been talking about your future. Right there, she most likely got nervous. This tells me she is afraid to try. However, it's not the end of the world, either.
    Go see her, try to get in so you both can converse. If she won't let you in, then text her and tell her you both need to talk this whole thing out, and come to some sort of compromise. She may or may not, depending how bad she is feeling, open her door and---heart---for you---but keep trying. I see something special here that you both have started to nurture. Don't let feelings of being scared and insecure get in the way. She has to be told, for it sounds as though you both go back a couple of years, that you're here for her, and don't intend on going anywhere, but in her warm and wonderful arms.
    It's most likely freezing her up inside knowing that someone as amazing as yourself Might just "disappear into thin air" someday, and that she could lose you somehow, and that doesn't help matters any. She just needs convincing, along with-----"gazing into her eyes and giving her a slow, drawn out kiss."
    Good luck. xx

    • How long do I wait to try again? She has a couple of my possessions, and wants to wait another 3 or 4 months before returning them to me. She doesn't want me to show up at her place.

    • You need to explain to her that although she may not wish to confront you at this time, You Really Need your things back, and if she could simply place them in carboard boxes outside the door would be appreciated.. Obviously, she isn't into seeing you right now, even Telling you2-4 months down the road. xx

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  • She's a typical girl who loves melodrama.
    Keep after her. She is the sort of girl who will have to believe you triumphed over adversity to win her, even if she has to invent the obstacles for you to pass.


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