Should I wait for the one I love?

We were together for 5 months and had a very special connection. We got together when neither of us was looking or interested in much of anything. It just happened. We started falling in love with each other. We talked about being together forever and could see it happening. We had something very special. We ended things because the timing wasn't right, I had to move home (2 hours away) and she still has 1 year left in school. She says she wants to get together in the future and talk about revisiting things with us. Its been a tad over a month and I know she is "talking" or just messing around with some other dude. I have come to realize that I did indeed fall in love with her. She left her mark on me and she's always going to have a part in my heart.

Is it worth waiting? I know that if we were to revisit things and get back together that it would be forever as we had talked about it


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  • If you love her and she loves you then its definitely worth waiting for. But if she's into some other guy, then I don't think she is as serious as you. I think you should talk things over with her. Personally, I would want to stay exclusive if I was serious with a guy but we had to be apart.
    People will argue that its hard to be apart, but if you guys are serious and totally committed to each other, you can make it work. And two hours isn't all that far away, you guys can still see each other occasionally which will help. I'm sure it won't be as nearly as often as you want, but a few days here and there is better then none at all.
    Hope that helps a little!

    • yea that helps a bit. She was just getting to that point of wanting to commit but everything changed so fast. She also had just recently gotten out of a long relationship before we started seeing each other. Part of me thinks that she kinda needs to really get her stuff straight before and thats why she pushed away. She is always very up front and straight forward with her feelings so I know she isn't lying about meeting up again I just dont know when that will be. I wanna wait but torn

    • Glad it helps a bit. That's true, going from one relationship is hard and you start to lose sight of who you are without other people around so like you said, she is probably just trying to get things together.
      And I totally understand that you would be torn. But there is always a risk involve with waiting. Maybe it will work out for you guys in the future, or maybe things won't work out. You gotta ask yourself if the girl is worth the wait and the possibility of hurt if things don't work out the way you want.

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