Why is she doing this to me? I don't get it?

Me and my girl broke up about a month ago. Had a great relationship and she talked about us having a future together. She told me numerous times she was "falling" for me. When we broke up she said she really would like to meet up in the future and talk about things and the possibility of rekindling what we had. She is very straight forward with things so I know that wasn't a lie.

Things were getting serious between us but pretty much things ended because I moved home from college and essentially what I get from it is she just wasn't ready to commit to something that serious having just gotten out of a long term relationship. Me being at home and it being a distance thing she felt forced instead of letting it come naturally. Had I still been in town things would have continued to progress and like they were and when she was ready to commit to something serious then we would. I fell in love with her and I want another chance at some point.

Anyways I know she is "talking" to another guy currently but I also know its nothing serious. Her best friend told me. What I don't get is why she is purposely posting things on social media right after I do so that I see it. I don't get it? I don't do a lot on social media but literally starting just a week ago as soon as I post something she will instantly post something. Why is she doing this?

Also should I wait for her to contact me before or should I maybe contact her this summer because she will be living quite close to me?



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  • She sounds confused, as if battling with herself. She might just be trying to keep your attention, Wait for her to contact you, she doesn't know what she wants and whilst she takes some time to consider this, give her space, don't be over keen my friend, play it cool.

    • There is no doubt that she was very confused and it was like she was battling herself. She told me "I don't want to break up but I feel like we need to". Almost as if different parts of her are telling her different things. We said we would give each other time and space. To me she is worth waiting for. I've had a lot of relationships over the years but nothing came close to touching this. Everything was there with us except the timing. You think she will contact me at some point?

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    • yes I know what you mean. And tonight I saw a picture of her the her roommate took of her when she was sleeping and it had a little dream bubble drawn on it and said "<3 JJ" which is the guy I mentioned that she was talking to. Like I knew they were talking but seeing that hurt. So I guess it might be more serious than I thought. It just sucks that I have to sit here and see all this in the meantime

    • I know, it sucks and it hurts but if it's meant to be, everything will find a way to work out.

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  • you should talk to her man, and remember be gentle to her, she is straight forward right? so she must have a very good reason for doing this.


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