Significant Ex reconnects on Valentines and have what sapped since?

my exgirfriend got in touch with me since Valentine day after a while.

she says she wants me back in her life, however as I still have some weight in her life. (I kind of proposed to her in the past and she said nothing haha)

we've been chatting for a couple of weeks now and I feel I'm falling for her again.

in the past she was very cold to me and she has had two relationships since we broke up. I remain single.

I told her I can't keep talking with her but we both just want to.

I don't know where I'm headed to. I hate the situation but I don't want to walk away. some thoughts would be appreciated!

thanks for reading.

she currently has a boyfriend And she says he's her best friend. however she tells me she feels she'll end up alone.


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  • So she broke up with YOU.
    Never be someone's option. Only choose to be someone's priority.

    I don't know where her head is completely, and I don't know WHY you guys broke up. I do believe some relationships can be repaired, and some not so much. But her fearing being alone is a statement to LISTEN to. Maybe she is reaching out to you because it hasn't been working with other people. Maybe she realizes you're awesome... maybe in her mind she is settling. I'm just speculating here, and I can go on and on making speculations. You can either talk to her with no pressure and see where her head is, or opt out for trying again. Remember, she HAD you... ALL of you... amd she threw you back into the sea. Take that into account. Overall, see where it goes... good luck.

    • Thanks for the selection, please give updates.

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    • If I were you, I would leave it alone and focus on what you actually WANT on a partner. Put that positive energy into the universe and SEE what happens. And you're welcome.

    • Yeah, that's the intention. Thank you :)

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day