Have you ever had to see your ex almost every day? How to deal?

I work with an ex. I have no interest in ever getting back with him. I hate the fact that although we're done Im still stuck with seeing him almost every day for X amount of hours. UGH. What makes it worst is he is moving on with another coworker. I try to be tough but it hurts sometimes. It just makes me feel horrible when I see them. He is also a compulsive liar, a jerk and a womanizer. I want another job but its easier said than done so how do I deal with this in the mean time? I really can't stand seeing him.


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  • Yep, I dated a guy in high school once, after we broke up we ended up having classes together every now and then. At least classes weren't super long but still, I could've done without that.

    Just do your best to ignore him for now... there's not much else you can do, really, unless it's possible for you to change your shift or something but it doesn't really sound like it from what you've said. I hope he hasn't been going out of his way to harass you or anything while you're at work.


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