Do you still keep in touch with your ex while dating?

I am dating someone who has told me the story about his break up with his ex before things got serious with us. He told me that she is cool and that if she needed anything he would have her back. We'll we are serious and he just posted on Facebook that him and his ex been tight since the beginning and that he will always have her back even though they are not together. I haven't talked to him yet but I don't like the idea if he is going to run to her if we are serious. Should I be worried? He knew that I would see his post.


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  • I don't keep in touch with most of my exes occasionally they will contact me and I'll make small talk. I don't really care about them romantically

    • thanks for best answer

    • It helped... by the way . I don't have anything to worry about. He just has a big heart. His post "find one great woman and a man will not fall" tells me that even though he gets busy he knows where his mind is at (me). He posted that on his social network. I know his ex saw it. That tells me he's not talking about her especially after we spoke over the phone recently. I'm glad I didn't do anything stupid. I deactivated my page so he won't see me being active on there. I'm focused on things but in the mean time I hope that makes him miss me more. I usually up date my status often and 3 days went by with no activity. I'm hoping it makes his heart grow fonder.

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