Am I just infatuated about him? I know it’s already over, but I’m confused!?

WARNING:LONG STORY AHEAD>>It's been almost a year since I "broke up" with him. I have to put an emphasis because I am not sure what we really were at that time. He was my colleague, we worked at the same company but on different country/location - we've never really seen each other in person, but we talked almost every day because of work. We started talking about personal things, sharing day-to-day/past experiences, family, interests, etc. He asked for my personal email. We continued our conversations after work and weekends. We exchanged long emails, pictures and even video chat - for a month. In one of our video calls, he even introduced me to his dad. He confessed that he liked/"loved" me and he wanted to see me for real. Things were so complicated at that time - I had a bf for 4years, also LDR (I have to leave the country for work) My relationship with my bf seemed to be sinking and then I met this guy. He was aware of it. I felt that I am falling for him too, but I felt like I was cheating with my current bf. I decided to let him go - sent him a long e-mail saying that he deserves someone better. After that email, he did not respond and kept his distance. I was hurt, felt guilty and sorry but I think that's the right thing to do. After a few months, we became "good" colleagues again. I transferred to another company, but before I did, we had a decent goodbye and “keeping in touch” promise. I emailed him occasionally, to catch up with him, and it took him a week or two or more to reply. When he did, he is very sweet and still calls me by the name he used to call me. I still think about him. I am still affected when he posts something on IG. After 2 months of no contact, he recently commented in one of my posts asking how am I doing. I can’t figure what is he thinking and why is he acting like that. Am I just infatuated about him? I know it’s already over, but I’m confused!


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  • i don't know really (remember this is just my opinion), but he probably wants to know how you are doing. he could just want to know how you are, or he could want to know if you and BF have broken up yet. just reply back and see where it goes.


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