How to make ex girlfriend go away?

So, my bf and I are older, born again Christians.(we have known each other for 30 years) We have both been married before. After his divorce he dated a woman for a short period of time. She lived pretty far away so he didn't see her very often. He said there were a lot of red flags and his heart wasn't in it. He never slept with her. We reconnected around the time he was ready to tell her he just didn't have the feelings she wanted. We have been together for 3 years now. Our Facebook statuses do not reflect anything because we feel our private life is private and also because his exwife harasses their children simply because of me. Anyway, he emailed this woman he dated briefly to tell her that he had begun seeing me.. and he was happy. She emailed back saying she was glad for him and she wanted to remain "friends." But here is the thing, she is CONSTANTLY liking his pictures.. CONSTANTLY commenting on his posts. It is never ending. I told him this bothers me.. and he said "she will never be anything but a friend" and I told him that when he allows this or if he "likes" anything of hers, which he doesn't very often, he is giving her "hope." My gut instinct is she isn't over him. He thinks she is just being nice. He has assured me that he would never go back to her and that he loves me. I know this whole Facebook thing is childish and I do try to ignore her... but sometimes she likes his stuff so fast its like she does nothing all day but watch his page.. its kind of creepy. I just want to send her a message and say "go away already!" Should I ignore all this? After all, she is several hundred miles away and I am the one he is with, not her.


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  • She is not over him... And maybe he likes that attention. Why were you divorced? Did it have anything to do with infidelity? In order for you both to grow in a relationship, he needs to tune everyone else out, and only see you as his mate, his source for feminine companionship. Sorry, but it's true. There can be no others. He needs to ignore this woman, and surrender his earthly heart over to you, completely. (And save his Spiritual heart for God) If he cannot do that, he needs to remain single, and ask God for the wisdom to devote himself to you, like God intended him to. It is the only way you two will be happy. This woman needs to be blocked/ignored/ and removed from his life entirely. He has no future with you otherwise.

    • Yes, my divorce had to do with infidelity. So I am a little sensitive to things like this. I have Facebook friends too that are guys, one I dated and I "like" his photos and things. But there are no feelings there. He has no contact with her.. no texts, no calls, nothing. She is the one who remains in the picture. Infact when he broke it off with her she told him she couldnt talk to him anymore and he said "ok" then she decided she wanted to remain friends and he said that was fine. She just irritates me to no end with her behavior.

    • The key sentence is, "He said it was fine"... It's not.

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  • Just Facebook block her she will get the hint

    • she isn't my "friend" she is his. He is the kind of guy who always remains friends with ex's other than his ex wife who embezzeled from his business. He isn't a spiteful or mean person.. and he was the one that broke it off.. so he has no ill will toward her.

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