Does he deserve another chance? Should I take him back?

He had someone when he met me, but I did not know because he was hiding it. He was very nice the whole time and treated me like a princess. He eventually broke it off with the other person, which I found out later. Long story short, I kept asking him to tell me the truth but he never did; instead, he tattooed my name on his chest to "prove" that he really loves me. To cover his first lie (that she was with someone), he has lied about many things as well to a point where he has lied about hospitalization and family's death more than once. It was just way more than I could handle, so I broke it off. Until today, he is still denying all those lies and says that he never meant to hurt me. We have been separated for a year, and he is still trying to get me back. I don't really question his love for me, but if I can't get past his lies, I should not take him back right?
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  • In my opinion if you dont have honesty and trust, they you dont have anything.
    The having someone else at the start is *semi* excusable, in that if you are on your way out of a relationship, or you simply meet someone else and want to move on, there is going to be a transitional period. Its all fine and dandy to say he should have been honest about that in particular but in reality, it can overly complicate things. But yeah, its only "ok" if he was working on an exit strategy. if he was simply dating the two of you, then yeah, not cool.

    As for the other lies, thats not something I could get past. I seem to be unable to forget when I've been blatantly lied to, and from then on, ill always be second guessing. If you love someone you dont treat them like that. I would totally doubt his love for you. He may lust over you, have a void in his life that he thinks you fill, or maybe has screwed up his other options/is having no luck finding someone else, but no, I do not think you should give him another chance.

  • The tattoo makes him a fool. The lie makes him someone who can never be trusted. The answer is no don't give him the time of day unless you want a life filled with problems and drama.


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