One girls told me that he is cheating on me? who should i believe?

I am really desperated.. few days ago , one girl sent me email , telling me that my boyfriend was cheating on me with her for months1 She described me his body ( everything right..) and sent me their photo together ( on this photo they don't look just like friends and it could be taken anytime..)

But her describtions are right, she knows really a lot about my boyfriend and about me as well, really my private things..

My boyfriend told that he never cheated on me and that she is crazy person, she felt in love with him and that's why she sent me this email.. because she is crazy..

I never though that he could cheat on me, nothing suspicious happened really.. we are 2 years together and i trust him !

But i am confused, why this girl knows so much? why would she do it?
Who do you think i should believe?


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  • well how'd she get the picture? how'd she know details about his body?

    I mean crazy is an argument but evidence is evidence. Look I've been cheated on twice and both times the person denied it and both times I didn't think that person would be the type. Of course your bf is going to deny and call her crazy. when one of my ex's cheated on me it was my friend who came and told me and my ex said he was crazy, lying and trying to break up the relationship

    I'm not saying that your dude def did cheat but pictures, description of evidence? it's pretty damning. just think if you were in a court of law. how would the judge (an inpartial jury) view the evidence?


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