Is it wrong to have a stronger bond with my friends than my partner?

My friends and my boyfriend know practically everything about me. However, the only thing separating them is the fact that I'm sexually active with my boyfriend. I feel like no matter what happens my friends will always be in my life. But if my relationship ends with my boyfriend, that relation might be destroyed forever.
Is it wrong to feel this way?


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  • No, friendship and a romantic relationship are different even though it seems the same. Friendships are more flexible and accepting, and easier to mend than a relationship.
    Comparing the two is like comparing chocolate and a movie, if you really try you can do it, but it doesn't work the best.
    Anyway, friends can make for a great relationship, one of the best. But the breakups are always really, REALLY bad!


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  • I think the general idea of society in dating is to always put your partner first but I don't think you have to.


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