Boyfriend went out with his ex, feeling weird?

So we traveled across the country to visit my sister and friends. Last year when we last went, he was excited to see his ex because they are friends and she helped him with a health isue back in the day. Anyway we were a brand new couple last year so i felt awkward about seeing her and told him to go alone but neither if us saw her after all. THIS year, before the trip, and after a year if me feeling insecure about their friendship cos i'm not friends with my exes, (i don't see why!), i decided i had to see her and meet her because it's not good for me, for us, to be insecure. I told him all this (albeit i was upset and crying) Last day of our trip i called him (i was at my sister's) so we could meet and go outand he was like "uuuum i'm out with the ex and ummm so..." I flipped out because he went behind my back! He said he was in a dilemma and didn't want to make me upset again. He says they are friends, I cannot understand that, i was willing to try, but he just went on his own without telling me and now i feel there just might be a reason for me to be insecure after all...! I refused to see him for a couple of days.
He's been always good and respectful to me. For a whole year he's been the BEST and we live together, so it's been a full year and couple of months...! Should i relax? thanks


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  • The fact he didn't mention it until you phoned him is a bad sign. Clearly he is more loyal to this 'friendship' than to you. By that I mean he honours that arrangement above your own arrangement. It shouldn't be hard to explain his plans when it involves a 'friend' so that you have an informed decision to make.

    • thanks for your thought! you cannot imagine how emotionallyt confused and frustrated i feel... THis isn't the type of thing i can discuss with my bf much, because i come off as super-jealous and nutty...

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