Should I be concerned my boyfriend has all his ex gf's still on Facebook and he still talks?

my annoyance is that he does these things... I'm not sure why he has not deleted her. I have deleted my ex bf. I'm upset. he says I'm beautiful, he loves me etc yet... still is talking to this girl. he had wanted things to work out with her before he met me, she rejected him. now she is beginning to talk to him. it's hurting me quite bad. I said it 'wasn't a big deal' but reality is I'm ready to drop him. he asked if I wanted him to delete her ; I said it's up to him and that I don't control his decisions. Right now, there is way too much drama already. it's only been a month, I can tell he's sexually attracted and physically, but does he appreciate what he has? I'm not sure anymore. wouldn't a guy just drop his ex gf in a heart beat if it upset his current girl so much? or is it that he's not over his ex? he says he's over her though.


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  • if you dont understand their history, there is no way to know why he is still friends.
    but this bothering you, clearly shows that you are insecure and that you do not trust him.

    if he is not hiding his contact with them, not sneeking off to see them behind your back, i really dont know what you are worrying about. he is being transparent for all accounts and purposes, and he has chosen you. dont give him a reason to chase them, give him a reason to want you even more

    • it isn't an insecurity issue about him. i assure you of that since I'm attractive. that being said, my mind has thought of the possible scenarios.

      as for a mature guy like yourself, I'm sure you wouldn't want your woman being upset because you aren't showing enough respect. for me personally, which is something you wouldn't know, it's disrespect to me if you're being intimate but still being nice with the ex gf.

      i do agree with the latter part of yr answer though. he is very honest, we resolved it.

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