Thoughts on saving photos of an Ex?

My friend's Ex has a picture he saved of the two of them that he wrote I will always love you on. She asked me what I thought and I think he's probably still into her, she thinks its nothing.
But what do guys think?
Other girls?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Guys can keep photos for memories, or as a "trophy" collection, whatever. I'm sure he still likes her and thinks of her often, but if he really doesn't want a solid relationship, that's his business.

    • We just thought it was weird he saved a photo, she saved nothing. I think he's trying to get back in with her but she says they are just friends.
      This guy doesn't need to be weaseling back in. He needs to stay away from her.

    • You should tell your friend to tell him directly that she sees him just as friend, nothing else

What Girls Said 1

  • I think sometimes people save things because of sentimental value. Even though a relationship may be over, it is still possible to have love for a person... but a different kind of love. Not necessarily being IN LOVE with that person. With that said, its a relationship that ended that he probably still have good memories from. It doesn't necessarily mean he has feeling of wanting to get back with her.

    But there is also a possibility he still has feeling for her as well. I don't know you guys so of course I am just speculating.


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